More cars broken into in Bettendorf

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Officials continue to urge residents to lock the doors to their cars. Local Four obtained video from a viewer of a car driving up near their house. Two subjects get out of the vehicle and try to break in to parked cars.

There have been many instances of this over the past month with some vehicles being stolen. 5th Ward Alderman, Scott Webster wants something done and thinks that a first offense should have harsher penalties.

“I hope they get charged to the full extent of the law and not really a slap on the wrist because you know my personal belief is you know I grew up that way. You get in trouble and you got punished you learned a lesson.”

Webster says that harsher penalties could discourage criminals from breaking into cars, but some people don’t see it the same way as him.

“You can’t necessarily stop crime without getting criminals off the street and you know I’ve seen some local people that believe we should give these people two and three opportunities before we charge them.”

This time around the criminals didn’t just stop at breaking into vehicles because some of them have a garage door opener inside their car.

“They’re coming into garages and the hard part is for the community to know and I think for these criminals to know that eventually they’re gonna go into the wrong garage and it’s going to be a bad situation and at that point in time it’s gonna get even worse.”

A lot of cars that have been broken into were unlocked and Alderman Webster says there is a quick fix for that.

“The easiest way to keep yourself from becoming a victim is to lock your car doors as much as you can. You know maybe car manufacturers will come out with automatic locking doors at a certain time.”

Webster tells Local Four News that the Bettendorf Police Department has done a great job catching all the perpetrators.

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