More than 200 came to remember QC musical legacy

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Remembering a Quad-City music legend, more than 200 people came to Davenport to celebrate the legacy he’s left.

Mike Stroehle of The Night People, was honored Saturday at the Elks Lodge. He passed away at the end of last year.

His family members were delighted to see so many of his friends and hear the stories about the impact Mike and his music made.

“You could just hum a song and he’d play it,” said his sister, Jonell Hoffman.

More than 200 people came out to honor a Quad-City musical icon. Mike Stroehle of The Night People passed away in late 2020. His family and members of the band wanted to hold a memorial in his honor.

​”He was just a really easy-going guy. Really likeable. A lot of people considered him their best friend,” said his son, Mike Stroehle, Jr.

His dad’s name is a musical legend in the Quad Cities.

“If they knew how to say our last name, the next question was, ‘Are you related to Mike Stroehle?’ And it was like, ‘Yeah,’ and then the next thing was ‘Man, he was one of the best musicians I’ve ever seen,” Joe Stroehle, his other son, said.

Although his family is proud of their dad’s musical impact, neither of his sons plays music.  

​”You found the two Stroehles who don’t play. He’s tone deaf and I can barely play,” Mike Stroehle, Jr., said.

The gathering brought back memories to both the musician’s sons.  

​”Tuesday afternoons in the summer I remember I spent at the nightclubs playing video games in the back, drinking Pepsi while they practiced all the new songs,” Mike Stroehle, Jr., said.

Although his sons didn’t play in the band, they contributed — especially after smart phones made song lyrics easily accessible.

​”One thing I remember is getting phone calls a lot, asking me to look up lyrics and songs. And as we use our phones it would be a lot easier to do it,” Joe Stroehle said. “And he would be blown away that I would call him back five minutes later. Before that we would listen to the radio and record songs for him and all he would have to do is listen to it one time or not even one time through and he would pick it up right away.”

Mike Stroehle’s sister, Jonell Hoffman, was touched by the turnout and the stories people wanted to share with her.  

“I just want to cry. They have all these stories that I never knew,” she said.

She realized decades later just how popular The Night People were.  

“The last reunion they had was downtown at the Adler. And they had to turn away about 1,000 people because there were so many people trying to get in … I guess I knew then how many people he touched,” Hoffman said.

She was a lucky little sister, a popular girl who drove all of her big brother’s hot cars.

And the fans weren’t just in the Quad-City area. The Night People are in the Iowa Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame.  

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