Applications for more than 70 scholarships totaling over $500,000 are now open and available to local students, the Quad Cities Community Foundation announced Tuesday.

“We are privileged to play a part in opening doors to higher education in the Quad Cities,” said Sue Hafkemeyer, the Community Foundation’s president and CEO. “We’re inspired by donors’ investment in the future of our region, and we share their commitment to breaking down barriers to equitable opportunity.”

Scholarships are available for high school seniors as well as those who have already graduated. There are opportunities for students no matter their age or where they’re pursuing higher education, from community college and four-year universities to trade and technical schools.

“To thrive as a community, we can’t stop short of supporting the full range of education and skill-building options that our region’s students are pursuing,” said Kelly Thompson, vice president of grantmaking and community initiatives. “We want all students to know that their community is invested in their success.”

Applications are open through February 15, 2023, with recipients announced in May. Click here to learn more and apply.