More than a teacher: Helping students succeed by providing free hygienic supplies

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“She treats us like we’re her own kids.” a local Davenport student said, when asked about her teacher Mrs. Caffarini.

To this Mid City High School teacher, being a teacher means being an educator, a friend, and even a mother. Caffarini describes how important it is to care for your students as your own, “As soon as you walk into my room you’re my kid like anything I can do to help you — I will.”

When she noticed a few students were in need of basic hygienic products, she went to Costco and purchased supplies — but quickly learned the need was far greater than she initially anticipated.
“In order for me to get a few kids something we have created something much bigger than I ever imagined.” Caffarini said.

This effort — now a community-wide supply drive for students and their friends.

One of Mrs. Caffarini’s students explained, “I brought some stuff to my friend because she can’t afford some stuff — her parents weren’t there for her.” So Mrs. Caffarini was.

This concept of helping the less fortunate has always been a virtue Caffarini valued, she explains, “Something my parents instilled in me when I was young if you have capabilities to help people you should.”

Caffarini has served as an advocate for students in need along the way. A student explained, “Students are just embarrassed because some kids make fun of them.” Which is why Mrs. Caffarini is working to fight that stigma — “I’m hoping that if we have these things at more schools that we reduce that stigma and we reduce that embarrassment of just asking.” she said.

For every student she can help, Ms. Caffarini knows there’s more out there —
And she hopes to one day reach them all. She’s ambitious, and dedicated. “I’m hoping that this might start a little revolution in our schools.” Caffarini said. She encourages anyone with the resources to find a way to help out around their own community.

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