More troopers patrolling for Illinois Speed Awareness Day

Local News

Illinois Speed Awareness Day had more troopers from District 7 spending Wednesday on the roadways.

This started in 2016 as a way to remind people to follow speed limits.

The additional troopers included court evidence officers, vehicle investigation officers and education officers.

Trooper Jason Wilson with District 7 said going more than one mile per hour above the speed limit could land you a ticket.

“The many times I’ve asked people, how fast can you legally go over the posted speed limit?” Wilson said. “The automatic answer is five to ten it seems like. We need to break that habit.”

He wants everyone on the roadways to get to their destination safely.

“Getting that extra one or two minutes ahead of everybody else isn’t going to get you very far, but it could get you hurt,” Trooper Wilson said.

If someone does get pulled over for going above the speed limit, Trooper Wilson said the best thing to do is to tell the truth.

“Crying usually doesn’t help,” Wilson said.

He gave some reasons why some people get a ticket, while others just get a warning.

“It all depends on the person’s behavior, the violation itself, as to how bad the violation was, and also their driving history.”

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