Morrison’s Police Chief says city has drug problem

Local News

Morrison, Ill — Morrison, Illinois, is dealing with a drug problem similar to many other places across the country. However, people in this town are coming together having an open dialogue about a topic that is taboo for many.

The city’s police chief spoke very candidly about the drug issue in his town.

“We absolutely have a drug problem here in Morrison that’s not new we’ve had that problem,” Chief Brian Melton said. “We’ve just started talking about it. “

Chief Melton says, there are a variety of illegal drugs being abused by people in his city and trafficked through Morrison.

“Well Cannabis is and will continue to be, the biggest drug of choice and abuse. But Meth is a huge new problem,” Melton said.

As Morrison is confronting its drug problem head on, one resident who says her  dealing with her son’s is addiction almost tore her family apart.

” It was so traumatic that I hurt my family,” Lori, a Morrison resident said.

Lori says she neglected her two other children’s needs to focus on her son who was addicted  now that she has learned lesson dealing with her son’s addiction and has a simple message for other parents going through this situation as well.

“Don’t be embarrassed we as parents do that best that we can do. Confront them they’re going to lie to you. Go to the meetings. Talk to other parents. talk to me,” Lori said.

Chief Melton told me that his office is always open and welcomes anyone who want to talk about how the city as a whole can come together and address the problem of drugs.

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