Mother and Davenport bars warn about the importance of carbon monoxide detectors

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Carbon monoxide has been called a ‘silent killer’.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) saying it kills more than 400 people a year.

After 42-year-old Kevin Soppe died unexpectedly in his home back in February Soppe’s mothers, and davenport bars are warning others about the dangers.

Several Bars in the Community including Gunchie’s, Thirsty’s on 3rd, No Place Special, Pour House, and Off Point Pub are all raising awareness, and money to purchase carbon monoxide detectors for anyone who needed one.

“The last thing I would have ever thought would be carbon monoxide poisoning,” says Judy Soppe, Kevin Soppe’s mother.

It’s been about two month since she last hugged her son, Kevin Soppe, who died back in February due to carbon monoxide poising.

Soppe says, “The night before he had told us he was having trouble with his boiler furnace, but I had no idea. I didn’t even think about carbon monoxide.”

Now Soppe’s story is being used to educate the community of the deadly gas.

“It’s a silent killer. You never know what’s going on until it’s to late. We raised awareness handing out fliers and raising some funds. Ace Hayman’s Hardware helped us out in purchasing some carbon monoxide detectors to anyone who needed them.”

Soppe’s mother now even adding a detector to her home.

“My God you’re talking you’re life here,” she says.

Soppe says this type of tragedy can be avoided by simply installing a detector.

“I wish this wasn’t the way people are doing it, but I’m so glad that they are now. It’s going to save lives I know it is,” she says.

Soppe says she will never forget her son’s passion for people, and motorbike. She says she is still learning the impact her son made.

“I know what a great guy he was, but to hear it from everybody else really helps,” says Soppe.

All detectors left over was given to the fire department to have them hand them out to people in need.

There is also a GoFundMe account set up for Kevin Soppe’s daughter college fund.

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