Mr. Thanksgiving received a big check to help deliver his annual holiday meal.

Bob Vogelbaugh got a check for more than $13,000 from the Quad Cities Hy-Vee stores.

The chain raised the money from selling holiday turkey cards.

It will be used to pay for his annual community thanksgiving dinner.

Mr. Thanksgiving says it wouldn’t be possible without support like this.

“Without this kind of support from Hy-Vee and the people I wouldn’t be going into year 53,” Vogelbaugh said.

A representative with Hy-Vee says the company is glad to be part of it.

“It’s always a great honor this is something that we look foward to every year and Hy-Vee’s been involved with Mr. Thanksgiving for over 20 years now,” said Tim Cernin, district store director.
“So presenting the check is just one of those small oppurtunties or gifts we get to do each year to help prepale us for this upcoming year for Mr. Thanksgiving. “

Mr. Thanksgiving gave away an estimated 3,000 meals last year and he plans to keep bringing people together as long as he can.