Multiple-vehicle accident in Davenport

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Davenport Police and Iowa State Patrol responded to the intersection of E. Locust St. and Grand Ave. before 8 p.m. Wednesday night after reports of a multiple-vehicle accident. (Ryan Risky,

UPDATE: Police say 27-year-old Kayln Fonner was behind the incident. She’s now accused of felony theft and eluding police.

As a result of yesterday’s crash, the columns of the Grand Avenue House for Freedom Home Ministries have been completely torn off.

It’s not clear when damage to the building will be repaired.

Skid marks are still visible on the grass, and a street sign was completely damaged.

Alliyah Sims reports the accident is still the talk of the town, and residents are concerned about the safety of neighborhood children.

EARLIER UPDATE: Davenport Police say the accident that caused a traffic jam started as a chase of a stolen vehicle.

A woman who refused medical treatment was put in custody.

Officers say the drivers of the cars that were hit suffered minor injuries.

Local 4 News spoke with a woman at the scene, who says her husband went to the hospital to seek medical treatment.

Iowa State troopers are now leading this investigation.

EARLIER UPDATE: Davenport Police received a report of a stolen red pickup truck at approximately 6:28 p.m. Wednesday.

The stolen truck crashed into three other vehicles, which caused it to overturn and lose a tire.

A police pursuit ensued as officers located a suspect.

The suspect, a female, was put into custody and refused treatment at the scene.

Occupants of the vehicles hit received minor injuries.

An investigation conducted by the Iowa State Patrol is underway.

EARLIER UPDATE: At least three vehicles were involved in the accident, which caused a traffic jam.

An eyewitness tells Local 4 News that she saw police chase the red truck. We tried to confirm that directly with police, but investigators are not talking yet.

EARLIER UPDATE: Local 4 News is the first and only station at the scene of a multiple-vehicle accident that occurred before 8 p.m. near the intersection of E. Locust St. and Grand Ave. in Davenport.

Ryan Risky reports multiple vehicles are severely damaged, including a red pickup truck that appears to be on its side.

There is a heavy police presence involving the Davenport Police Department and Iowa State Patrol.

Grand Ave. is blocked off to traffic as police continue to investigate.

There is no word yet on the cause of the incident, number of injuries or amount of individuals involved.

We’re currently working to find more information on this situation and will provide updates when available.

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