It Takes A Village Animal Rescue & Resources in Muscatine was given grant funds totaling $7,690 from Iowa City-based Miccio Foundation for the purchase of five commercial grade dog kennels.

The grant award was announced in a letter sent to It Takes A Village from Miccio president Julie Phye. In the letter, Phye states: “We continue to be impressed at the amount of work It Takes A Village Animal Rescue and Resources is doing for animals in your area, and we are pleased to provide this assistance.”

It Takes A Village Animal Rescue & Resources

In addition to life-saving animal rescue efforts, It Takes A Village has been instrumental in lobbying for much needed change to the Muscatine animal code, including the lifting of breed-specific bans within their community, according to the group. They have also held multiple community outreach events in Muscatine, providing free vaccines and microchipping.

It Takes A Village president Meagan Koehler says that is what her organization is all about.

“It’s in our name. The ‘and resources’ is such an important part of our mission. Our organization exists to save the lives of homeless cats and dogs, but we are also adamant about giving back to the community that so fervently supports that mission.” she said.

Last year, the Miccio Foundation generously awarded It Takes A Village with grants totaling more than $1,400 to help address the stray and feral cat overpopulation crisis in their area. These funds were used to purchase two live traps, as well as to spay, neuter and rabies vaccinate an entirely colony of more than 50 cats in a rural neighborhood outside of Grandview, Iowa.

It Takes a Village in Muscatine is looking to adopt Lizzy, an 11- week-old Black Lab Mix.

“When you have this amazing community of volunteers and supporters, combined with a generous organization like the Miccio Foundation, who provides crucial funds for our critical needs, we can change the world,” Koehler said. “I know it sounds so cliché, but we are doing it.

“With every mind we educate and every life we save, our world is a little better for the animals.”

It Takes A Village will be holding their largest annual fundraising event, the Village Dog Days of Summer Fest, on Saturday, Aug 6, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. in upper Weed Park in Muscatine. They are currently accepting business sponsorships for the event.

If you are interested, contact Meagan Koehler at