The Muscatine Aquatic Center will be closed Tuesday, June 6, for Iowa State Code required maintenance after a contamination incident Monday afternoon, a news release says. The Aquatic Center will reopen to the public later this week.

A “loose stool contamination” of the Aquatic Center water occurred late Monday afternoon with Parks and Recreation Department officials closing the facility to begin sanitizing the pool. Part of that process is lowering the water level and super-chlorinating the water to remove any potential bacteria from the contamination.

Once the required maintenance is completed, Parks and Recreation staff will raise the water level and balance the chemistry to ensure a safe environment for all patrons once the pool reopens, the release says.

The wearing of appropriate swimwear, including swim diapers for toddlers, is recommended when enjoying the Aquatic Center facility. Swim diapers are available for purchase at the Aquatic Center.

For more information, contact the Muscatine Parks and Recreation Department at 563-263-0241 or email