Muscatine arson destroys family motorcycle legacy

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An act of arson has destroyed five vehicles for a Muscatine family. The Locey’s were fast asleep on Friday night, but then they received an unexpected knock on their door at 4:30 am.

“The cops ended up waking us up asking if we owned some bikes outside and informed us that they had been torched in an act of arson.”

They say that it felt like they were in the Twilight Zone when they walked outside. Three motorcycles, a car, and a pickup truck were all destroyed from arson. One of the bikes was a Gold Wing that was bought by Jesse Locey’s father almost 40 years ago and it has a lot of family history.

“My dad had actually bought it before I was born.” Said Locey. “I had my first ride on it with him when I was 10 months old. My son who is now 11 had his first ride on it at 10 months old and these last few years or so he laid claim to the bike and said he’s going to take his future son on his first ride on it.”

Unfortunately that won’t be able to happen now and the Locey’s say that it’s something that can’t be replaced. Jesse feels that his family is being targeted because this isn’t the first time that their motorcycles have suffered random damage, but it hadn’t been of this magnitude.

“Like a month ago I had a fuel line cut on the same bike. A couple months before that I had a knife in my back tire so it’s definitely a targeted act.”

Right now they aren’t sure what is next to try and replace the other vehicles.

“I have full coverage on my car so I think that will be covered, but unfortunately the other four vehicles only had liability insurance so we aren’t 100 percent sure if they’ll be covered or not.”

The Locey’s have started a Go Fund Me. You can visit the link below to donate.

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