A Muscatine County man has been sentenced on sex abuse charges, according to a news release from the Muscatine County Sheriff’s Office.

George Wesley Bishop II, 45, appeared in Muscatine County District Court on September 22 for sentencing after being found guilty on multiple counts of sex abuse related charges on July 21. He was sentenced to a maximum of 45 years in prison, the release said.  The sex abuse 2nd degree, a class B felony, carries a 25-year maximum sentence with a mandatory minimum period of confinement of 70% before being eligible for parole.  The sex abuse 3rd degree, a class C felony, and sexual exploitation of a minor, a class C felony, carry a 10-year maximum sentence each. All sentences were ordered to run consecutively to one another, or one after the other.  Bishop must register as a sex offender and upon release from prison, will be placed on supervision.

George Bishop II (Muscatine County Sheriff’s Office)

Case background

Muscatine County Sheriff’s Office Deputies were called to Trinity Muscatine on March 7, 2022 after a minor reported they had been sexually abused by George Wesley Bishop II, age 44, of Muscatine County.  The Muscatine County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division conducted an investigation based on the information gathered, where evidence gathered showed that Bishop had sexually abused the minor multiple times over several years. Bishop was arrested on March 11, 2022 on charges of crimes relating to sexual abuse of a minor and sexual exploitation of a minor. 

On Friday, July 21, 2023, Bishop was found guilty of one count of sex abuse in the second degree, a class B felony, three counts of sex abuse in the third degree, a class C Felony, and three counts of sexual exploitation of a minor, a class C felony.