The Muscatine Humane Society is getting ready to install new kennels, but before they start on this new project, they would like to get all of their animals adopted.

For the past year, they’ve been able to raise $96,000, which will be used to buy new kennels. They’re hoping to get all of the dogs adopted before the installation starts.

Muscatine Humane Society Director Chris McGinnis said the kennels are 26 years old and some parts are no longer manufactured.

“These partitions, number one, are no longer made so we can’t replace them. Number two, these kennels are 26 years old, so because of the chemicals we use and stuff for cleaning, they are starting to get very brittle,” said McGinnis.

Although they’re trying to get 30 dogs adopted, they won’t turn away any dogs.

“If it’s at all possible that you could hold that dog for two more weeks until we get this finished, that would be awesome. We do have a contract with the City of Muscatine and so we take all of the animal control animals from her,” said McGinnis.

The new kennels will be installed the week of May 23rd, but there’s plenty of work to be done before then.

“The week of the 16th — near the end of the week — I have some volunteers from a local construction company who are going to come down and demolish the existing kennels for us,” McGinnis said. “Then we’re going to scrub all the floors, clean all the drains, get the whole kennel room ready for these new kennels to be installed.”

For the next two weeks, the adoption fees have been reduced to $75. For more information, visit the Humane Society Facebook page.