Muscatine’s mayor delivered his first State of the City address Thursday evening.

Brad Bark held it in a question and answer format.

He responded to questions submitted ahead of time from people in Muscatine.

One project the mayor says he’s focused on this year is the development of the Stanley Center for Peace and Security — a privately-funded, $10 million project.

It will be the first “living” building in Iowa by generating its own energy and being self-sufficient.

“They’re going to be able to generate 105% of their power, their electricity, from solar,” said Bark. “They’re going to be catching rain water that is going to be coming in from the sky, and they’re going to be collecting that and utilizing that water within the actual building itself, and they’re also going to grow produce on site as well to help supply the food pantry there at MSCA.”

The center will work with the Musser Library, Muscatine School District and Muscatine Art Center to raise awareness about the need for collective action on climate change.

It should be up and running by November.

Missed out on the State of the City address? Learn more about how to watch it here.