Quick thinking from a Muscatine police officer saves a little boys life.

Officer Whitni Pena was at the party where 7-year-old Kaysen Simonsen went underwater in a pool.

“I noticed one of my other good friends was pulling out a child from the shallow end to the pool deck. I instantly ran down there. When I made it down there the child was blue and purple in the face, there was no sign of life,” she says.

That’s when she sprung into action.

“I instantly started CPR. I did CPR for what felt like ten minutes, but it probably was only two to three,” says Pena.

Pena tells Local 4 News, she learned CPR at the academy, but for the first time in career she wasn’t performing in a real life situation.

“I’ve been a police officer for 12 years so we train every year in CPR. I also been secondary in CPR I’ve never been the first person,” She says, “One thing I’ve never done is have to endure a child when they’ve been in that type of situation,” says Pena.

Parents Brock Simonsen, and Amy Hahn say they left the party for a few minutes to go to Walmart, a few minutes from the hotel

“It happened so quickly, it’s something we have to be thankful for every day.” says Hahn

Hahn giving this advice to parents.

“I wouldn’t left. I recommend any parent to stay at the party no matter what. Make sure your child is safe. If it wasn’t for that officer he would have been gone.”

The Muscatine Police Department plans on giving her a lifesaver award at an upcoming city council meeting.

Kasen’s parents say they Pena is their guardian angel, and there’s no way possible they will miss her receiving the honor.