Today, Sept. 19, 2022, at approximately 2:38 p.m., the Muscatine Communications Center received multiple 911 calls of a subject who was creating a disturbance in the parking lot of McKinley School, police reported Monday.

There were also reports that the subject was claiming to have a weapon. Officers from the Muscatine Police Department responded to the scene and advised both McKinley School and Susan Clark School to go into lockdown until the situation was resolved.

Upon arrival, the man was located sitting in his truck within the school parking lot. He was identified as Gabriel L. Bishop, 40 years old. Bishop had entered the parking lot behind another vehicle whom he was upset with over an incident which had happened on the roadway, prior to the vehicles entering the parking lot, police said.

Gabriel L. Bishop (photo: Muscatine Police Department)

Once the vehicles came to a stop, Bishop stepped out of his truck and began arguing with the occupants of the vehicle he had followed in. During that confrontation, Bishop made a statement that indicated he could be in possession of a weapon, police said.

Several people who overheard this disturbance then called 911. No weapon was immediately found on Bishop. He was taken into custody and has been charged with Harassment in the 2nd Degree and Disorderly Conduct. The investigation into the incident remains ongoing, police said.