Muscatine teachers parade to show they care

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Students in Muscatine were due back from spring break today, but school was still closed because of the coronavirus.

So teachers from Jefferson Elementary School found a unique way of checking in on their students.

It means we’re all a family,” Nancy Van Hemert, a teacher at Jefferson Elementary said. “It’s just like being away from your family. We’re missing our kids and we’re wondering what they’re doing. It’s very difficult not being able to spend time with them. And we’re wondering what they’re doing and it’s very difficult not to be spending time with them not knowing what they’re even up to right now.”

That’s why teachers from the school decided to have a parade around Muscatine to show students that they care about them.

“I thought it’d be a really cool way to lift everybody’s spirits and get out there and wave and say hi to everyone,” Maria Sneath, another teacher at Jefferson said.

While Van Hemert says that the parade is special, she wishes it wasn’t under these circumstances.

“It is special but more special would be being in the classrooms and the buildings with our students,” Van Hemert said. “And learning and teaching with them.”

The teachers are looking forward to when classes finally resume, but Sneath says that they can teach their kids even when school isn’t in session.

“I think it shows our kiddos that we can always see the good in things and make the best out of every situation,” Sneath said. “It also shows that we can all come together, and just reach out to everybody.”

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