Muscatine voters react to Pete Buttigieg visit

Local News

Democratic candidates for president are squeezing in as much campaign time as they can as the caucuses approach.

Your local location headquarters caught up with Pete Buttigieg in Muscatine today, while he tries to swing more voters in his corner on February 3rd.

Two of those voters, Beth Elshoff and Henry Marquard said Pete’s speech swayed them to move him up in their rankings.

“He’s got a lot of ideas and he’s very eloquent,” Elshoff said. “I just hope he can push them through a congress that is very Republican sometimes, because they seem to thwart any Democrat’s ideas. But he seems to have a lot of grounded ideas.”

“He actually moved up a couple of notches on my list,” Marquard said. “I’m worried about the inexperience factor. I’d feel more comfortable with him as a candidate if he had been a mayor and then spent a term in the senate or a couple of terms in the congress or a governor or something like that. But he’s got good ideas.”

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