Nahant Marsh begins logging as part of restoration project

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Nahant Marsh Education Center will work with Steines Logging and Woodland Forestry Consulting to log nearly 30 acres of timber as part of a larger ecological restoration project designed by Impact 7G.

According to Nahant Marsh Executive Director Brian Ritter, the area that will be logged has low diversity and is experiencing a massive tree die-off, a news release says. “This patch of woods is mainly dominated by three different tree species- cottonwood, silver maple, and green ash. Emerald ash borer has killed nearly all the ash, and many of the silver maple and cottonwoods are dying as a result of the record 2019 floods. The lack of tree diversity provides little food for wildlife,” Ritter said.

The logged timber will be sold, and proceeds from the timber sales will help pay for more than 1,000 new trees that will be planted throughout the property. The trees will be a diverse mix of oaks, hickories, pecan, Kentucky coffeetree, sycamore, and several other species, the release says.

In 2020, as preparation for this project, a contractor created 30 shallow pools and 30 gradual ridges throughout the timber stand. “The area is incredibly flat and by creating topography, we will be able to plant a wider variety of trees. The ridges will allow the trees to survive high water events, and the shallow pools will serve as habitat for frogs, fish, and turtles,” Ritter said.

The logging is expected to be completed by December. New trees will be planted in 2022 by staff and volunteers.

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