National Crime Victims’ Rights Week; How those in need can get help

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Letting people who have or are experiencing trauma know there are resources out there to receive help is the purpose of National Crime Victims’ Rights Week.

The week is from April 18 through 24.

Advocates want people to know that survivors can receive compensation for what they’ve been through.

Iowa’s Crime Victim Compensation Program helps survivors with possible financial burdens receive compensation for medical bills, counseling, housing and more.

Jackie Celske is a survivor of sexaul assault and domestic violence. When she finally left her abuser, she reached out to family resources for help.

That’s where she was told that she could receive financial compensation from her trauma. She said having that resource helped in her recovery process.

“They have since covered my medical bills for that surgery,” Celske said. “I remember receiving a $40,000 bill in the mail and I have not had to pay a dime of that surgery since receiving that bill. They also were able to reimburse me for gas mileage to and from the hospital.”

Another survivor has received help, but must remain anonymous.

“As a victim of a crime, the compensation unit was a lifesaver for me in a very difficult time in my life. The compensation specialist was easy to work with made me feel safe and validated. My hope is in the very near future more awareness will be brought to these resources that are available. Please reach out to the unit if you are a victim of a crime and in need.” 

Celske wants people to know that they are not alone. She said the first time she went to a support group, she instantly felt connected.

“My wish is that survivors of any crime and any trauma just know that there’s hope first and foremost and also know that they deserve these resources. They’re entitled to these resources and they are more than worthy of them.”

Each state has their own financial compensation program. Illinois’ Crime Victim Compensation Program was established in 1973.

For more information on a support and advocacy group of domestic violence and/or post separation abuse please send a message to

More information about Family Resources can be found on their website.

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