John Knaak celebrated his 95th birthday and he did it in style. Currently Knaak resides at New Perspective Senior Living. Originally his son, John planned for a big party inside of the facility, but due to the Coronavirus he had to improvise. Thus he came up with the of having a parade headed by the Silvis Fire Department. All of Knaak’s family and friends came out and drove by to wish him a happy birthday and give him a present.

“The Coronavirus has really caused an issue, but we thought we would embrace it and bring people to see him, not in a close capacity, but drive by see him and share a little of their life with him today.”

Knaak is a US Navy Veteran and spent time in the Philippines after World War II and he still remembers his time there very vividly.

“I was taken back out there and spent three years bringing up the sunken ships. Cutting them into three sections, taking them out to the break water sinking them, taking the money all out.”

Knaak was overwhelmed by the amount of people that came out to see him and he’s already looking forward to another birthday milestone.

“Wait until they find out I’ve got another five years… that will put me to 100.”

For now his son is already planning to one up the party for Knaak’s 96th birthday next year.