Near-death experience shakes QC woman after rock flies through windshield

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A Davenport woman is recovering after a near-death experience on the road.

On Wednesday, Ashly Sammon was driving down Rockingham Road in Davenport near the Rent-A-Center.

That’s when she passed by a dump truck going in the opposite direction … and a rock the size of a cinder block flew out of the trailer right into her windshield.

“While I was passing him, a rock cinder-block sized flew out of the truck and went through the windshield off the top of my hood and then hit my seat and bounced off my dash and bounced into the back seat,” Sammon told Local 4 News.

Sammon is just grateful her kids were not in the car when the rock flew through the windshield.

“My kids are with me 95 percent of the time,” she said. “That’s what really scared me the most.”   

“Yeah that’s a big thing for us. If our daughter was in the back seat she might have died,” said her fiance Blake White.

Sammon says it happened really fast and at first she wasn’t sure what happened.

“I had glass in my eyes. Glass all around my mouth. I tasted blood right away,” Sammon said.

It was a terrifying experience, but Sammon is trying to look at the bright side.

“Some may consider this bad luck, but I consider it a blessing that I’m alive,” she said.

Right now Sammon and her fiance are trying to get some answers.

“We’re really just trying to figure out what company this semi truck belongs too and to help any future semi drivers to be careful and take the precautions,” White said.

In addition, they want to stress the importance of semi-truck drivers being cautious and careful when they load their trailers.

“We just want to prevent this from happening in the future so somebody because we are lucky or blessed, but the next person might not be so lucky,” White said.

Sammon asks anyone with information on the semi-truck shown in the story to contact her directly at Facebook Messenger: Ashly White or email:

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