Neighbor: Clevenger possibly motivated by trauma

Local News

Police say Timothy Clevenger, 53, from Silvis, held a weapon to a child’s throat Thursday morning at a Bettendorf daycare center before police shot and killed him. He has owned the home at 1111 16 1/2 St., Bettendorf, for eight years, according to Scott County assessor online records. That’s where the incident happened about 11:30 a.m. Thursday, when FOX 18 was first on the scene.

Clevenger was at the home holding a sharp object to a 4-year-old’s throat, and, according to police, was an immediate threat to children inside the house before an officer shot him.

We talked to a neighbor a few houses down from the incident. He thinks that Clevenger was motivated by trauma.

The neighbor said the area is almost always quiet, and Clevenger’s actions were out of the ordinary. Although Clevenger owned the home, but this neighbor says the woman who ran the daycare lived there.

The neighbor, who doesn’t know why or how long Clevenger was in the home Thursday, is saddened that children had to experience Clevenger’s actions.

“When I came home yesterday, it was crazy because…All those kids, you know, they got to witness that, they had to experience all that, you know, the initial aggravation,” the neighbor said. “And with the police officer deciding that, you know, it was time, that we had to end this because in the end, unfortunately one person did die. But 12 kids lived.”

The neighbor said the woman who ran the daycare lost her income.

As of Friday night, we do not know Clevenger’s motive, but we will keep you posted as the investigation continues.

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