Neighbor helps capture criminal connected with police chase in Davenport

Local News

A wild high speed police chase involving a stolen car took place throughout Davenport yesterday. After running the car off the road at a home on 31st and Harrison, four subjects took off on foot.

Local Four obtained surveillance of the subjects leaping over a fence as well as two more running through a neighbors backyard with the police chasing them.

The next door neighbor, Nick Roberts was about 30 feet from that and he was outside playing with his son. For him and his family it started as a quiet evening, but quickly turned chaotic.

“My son and I were out playing in the backyard and I happened to see a car travel north on Main at a high rate of speed and I also heard sirens.”

Police were in pursuit of a stolen car and ran it off the road. Once the suspects came running by Roberts house, he immediately got his son inside the house.

“It was quiet for a couple minutes and then maybe about two or three minutes later all of a sudden I hear a lot of yelling and two guys come running through my neighbor’s yard hopping the fence and police chasing after them.”

Roberts wife read the situation quickly and was able to help the police catch one of the criminals.

“I ran out the door, ran to the neighbor’s yard as I saw that they were cutting through and stopped one at the gate. So as I stood at the gate screaming at the young man jumping over, I startled him. He kind of slowed down so I reached and grabbed for his sweatshirt. He pulled his arm away, but slowed him down enough that the police were able to catch up to him.”

The Davenport Police credited Helene Roberts with the assist. The police were able to apprehend the other three criminals shortly after. Nick says that it was definitely startling watching the scene unfold.

“You don’t know what’s going on so you don’t know what the situation is. I told my son to go in immediately as soon as I noticed that it seemed like a bad situation.”

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