Neighbors in Rock Island are fed up over road conditions

Local News

A stretch on 45th street in Rock Island is in terrible condition with tons of pot holes and cracks. It’s a very busy street and the city hasn’t done anything to it for over three years. Residents are fed up and have even had to take matters into their own hands at one point.

“We put cones in some of the holes so people wouldn’t hit them.” Said Rock Island resident Sylvia Crouch. “Some of the neighbors bought a bag of asphalt and we kind of threw it in the hole because you couldn’t get the city to come out and fill them.”

What makes things more frustrating is a small area of the road at 23rd avenue was repaved and a sidewalk was added.

“Not having the sidewalk is very frustrating.” Crouch said. “Because my taxes are the exact same amount as where the sidewalks are and where that street has been newly paved and has new sewer lines.”

The amount of pot holes in the road makes it dangerous for people walking around because there is no sidewalk.

“It’s a safety hazard for my 91 year old neighbor who has to go into the street with me and there’s pot holes, there’s other things where she could fall and break a hip.”

Local Four reached out to Rock Island Public Works, but did not hear back.

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