Neighbors of person of interest speak out

Local News

David Whipple, now identified as a person of interest in the Trudy Appleby case still lives in Colona.

We went to his neighborhood today to ask the neighbors if they knew of his criminal history. Some neighbors were surprised to find out that Whipple was a registered sex offender.

Trudy White who lives a few blocks away from Whipple, that Whipple came to her door while she was in the hospital last year, and threatened to assault her son with a baseball bat.

White says that after the incident and knowing that Whipple is a registered sex offender that she feels very unsafe with him in the area.

“I’m very disgusted by it. I have grandkids; I’m scared to let them outside without me.” White said. “When they come out here and play, like they do, I sit here on my deck and watch them.”

Whipple was found not guilty of charges in that incident.

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