Walcott neighbors are petitioning to keep a school open after hearing about closure plans.

The petition claims the Davenport Community School District is planning to close Walcott Elementary School.

It’s the only K-8 grade school in the district.

The petition has collected nearly 2,000 signatures in a few days.

There are concerns they may lose up to 200 students a year over the next decade if they close the school.

“Walcott is really an amazing community — and the school is the heart and soul of this community,” said Dr. Austin Burt, who created the petition. “There’s a lot of great teachers that live and work in this community … a lot of amazing volunteers and businesses that rally around this school and really support it. It would be an absolute slap in the face to see this community have the school leave.”

The City of Walcott will be hosting a town hall meeting next Tuesday for community input.