Neighbors react to man wielding machete in Davenport

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Saturday evening a man wielding a machete down Washington Street injured two people. Police say in one of the incidents, the man identified as Martin Georgi, knocked on a woman’s door and when she answered, Georgi hit her and then used the machete to slash her hand.

People in the neighborhood are still in shock over the incident because things like this don’t happen in the area.

“In this neighborhood we don’t get anything worse than a tree falling over.”

It started as a calm evening on Washington Street, but it quickly turned into a scary incident when Georgi came down the street wielding a machete.

“We were just sitting in our living room. We noticed the police cars come down the street which is unusual. So the third one came by and we’re like wait a minute what’s going on so we saw flashing lights and me and my granddaughters walked down the street towards what was happening and we found out someone got attacked.”

Police say Georgi was wielding two other weapons that ended up finding their way into other neighbor’s yards. Josephine Heard lives near Georgi and she says that this is very out of character for him.

“It surprises us because he talks to us as we walk by. He’s not a bad neighbor, but you know when I heard all of that I did worry about my neighbors.”

Hearn says that this is a really tight knit group of neighbors and everyone knows each other well.

“We even mow each other’s lawns and stuff like that. You know we really get along. We look out for each other when they go out of town.” Said Hearn. “We watch each other’s back and watch each other’s homes. It’s just a close knit place.”

Now neighbors are wondering how safe it is to answer their front door when they aren’t expecting guests.

“I’m never going to be afraid to open my door to anybody who needs help, but yeah it does make you a little bit leery.”

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