Neighbors react to Saturday’s car chase in Davenport

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Neighbors react to Saturday’s car chase and are telling us what it was like.

Local 4 was the first at the scene on Saturday after it happened around 4 p.m.

Davenport police pursued a car before the driver lost control and ran into a tree at East Central Park and Trenmont Avenues.

Robert Hulsart was inside his home when everything took place.

“We were watching a movie, watching a movie that’s when we hear sirens and cop cars and we were a boom,” said Hulsart.

Kevin McGinty was on his way home when he saw streets being closed.

“As we got closer we realized we couldn’t get to our road to park by our house we had to drive around the block and come back around this side,” said Hulsart. “A lot of cars here, caution tape and the road blocked off.”

McGinty said he was surprised that something like this happened in his neighborhood.

“It doesn’t happen every day that you see something like this but we hear things that happen around, around here but it’s fairly quite,” said McGinty.

At least one person was arrested, authorities are still investigating the incident.

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