Neighbors react to shots fired incident at Marquette and High Road in Davenport

Local News

Police responded to a shots fired call around 10:00 am this morning in Davenport. It happened in a neighborhood at Marquette and High Street. The Police arrested 21 year old Nathan Tyson of Davenport. Tyson has been charged with two counts of Reckless Use of Firearm. He has been booked into the Scott County Jail.

Local Four News was the only station at the scene. At least one house was damaged. The homeowner who wished to remain off camera said that she wasn’t home at the time… but her kids were. Local Four spotted two bullet holes in the house.

There have been no reported injuries. Local Four spoke with a few neighbors who heard the gun shots and they weren’t sure at first what the noise was.

“I was in my house in my living room and I heard about 10 shots and I just though they were like fire crackers. There were about 10 in a row and I came out the back door, but by that time they had stopped.”

Another neighbor was working in his home and he said he couldn’t believe an incident like that happened that early in the morning on such a rainy and chilly day.

“I was just working from home in my living room and it’s just mid morning and out of nowhere there was like 10 out of rhythm like loud bangs. Of course I just popped my head out to look and kind of saw like an altercation out front.”

They say while it was scary hearing the gun shots, they were very pleased with the response time by the Davenport Police Department.

“They closed the street off like immediately. They had people in the back of the the cars. They asked all of us questions and I was pretty happy with response given the situation.”

Police say there are no reported injuries.

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