Neighbors speak out after alleged Davenport murder

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Some people in Davenport are reeling after a murder in their neighborhood.

19-year-old Charlie Gary is behind bars tonight facing first degree murder, robbery and burglary charges.

Police say Gary admitted to killing 74-year-old Robert Long sometime between January 3-5.

He admitted to breaking into Long’s house with the intent on stealing his car, and that he strangled Long before taking it.

One couple from the neighborhood said that they’re still in shock, but they’re angry.

“Bob was such a good dude. He never bothered anybody,” Steve Kindig, a neighbor said. “It’s just a shame…over a stupid car.”

“I feel sick,” Connie Kindig said. “I feel so sorry for what might’ve been going on over there and we had no idea that there was a problem.”

The Kindigs have lived in the neighborhood together around two decades.

They knew Long and their families have been friends for years.

They feel that the incident was ridiculous.

“I guess they don’t think about the people that are left behind that have to consider this,” Steve Kindig said. “It’s just stupid. It’s crazy.”

Connie Kindig says that people in their neighborhood try to watch out for each other but..

“Who knows when somebody’s gonna come in a back window or whatever over a car. Why would you go to the problem of killing the poor man.”

“It’s disturbing. It bothers you,” Steve Kindig said. “But I’m not gonna let them chase me out the neighborhood. We’ve been here too dang long, and we know too many good people to even think about moving.”

“Sympathy goes out to everybody that knew Bob,” Connie Kindig said. “Good person.”

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