New Clinton mayor affirms commitment to keep LumberKings

Local News

Cities across the country are speaking out against a plan from Major League Baseball to restructure the minor leagues. It would shut down some teams. One team that’s at risk: The Clinton LumberKings.

Several mayors of towns with minor league teams targeted for contraction have formed a coalition to try to convince Major League Baseball to not follow through with those plans.

New Clinton Mayor Scott Maddasion says keeping the LumberKings is one of his top priorities. He says that in addition to tradition, the economic impact the team has is huge.

“Having the players here and the other teams coming in is a huge boost to our economy,” Maddasion said. “When it comes to hotels and restaurants and a lot of other things.”

“This club employs part time between 80 to 100 people,” said Ted Tornow, LumberKings general manager. “Not all at the same time, but they’re gonna become future laborers in this market. They’re gonna become something other, and this is good training for them. You’re dealing with the public on a daily basis.”

We reached out to Major League Baseball, but they were unable to comment.

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