Men found at bottom of pool in Davenport were both teachers in Bellevue, Iowa

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DAVENPORT, Iowa- The two men found dead in a pool Monday night in Davenport were both teachers in the Bellevue school district.

The men have been identified as 60 year-old Mark Anderson of Eldridge, Iowa. He was a former science teacher at North Scott. The other male was 57-year-old Kenneth Anderson, a social studies teacher in Bellevue, Iowa.
Both men are not be related.

Earlier this Tuesday afternoon, officials said that the men died of accidental drowning. They were found at the home of John Wisor, owner of 11th Street Precinct in Davenport.

Local 4 News spoke to his employees, they say he’s been out of town.We also spoke to a business owner who’s building is directly across from the home. Like most people Local 4 News spoke to today, on and off camera, the business owner says she had to process the tragic news

“Oh my gosh its right across the street oh my gosh its at john’s house and then its like oh my i wonder if its him– shocking whats happening here. Its just tragic i feel sad for their families and the whole situation is very sad, ” shares Kate Goodworth who owns Betty’s Wig Boutique.

The superintendent of the Bellevue school district said they will be holding listening and counseling sessions tomorrow morning at the middle school and high school. At the moment there is no further information available regarding this incident.

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