Today is the day you’ve been waiting for.

You can now drive across the Iowa-bound side of the new Interstate 74 bridge.

Local 4’s Taylor Boser was live in Bettendorf on Local 4 News This Morning to tell you what traffic changes you should be on the lookout for.

One of the major changes because of the opening of the Iowa-span is no more U-turn.

That means when driving from Illinois to Iowa — you won’t have to make the U-turn through downtown Moline like motorists have been doing.

The new span is three lanes of Iowa-bound traffic.

This bridge is 72-feet wide, with much more room for drivers as opposed to the old bridge that is around 30 feet wide.

Another traffic change is a new ramp is opening in Moline to make it easier for drivers to get on to the new bridge.

While this will be an adjustment at first, I-74 corridor manager George Ryan says that signs on the road will help make the changes easy to follow.

“All the striping will lead them there and it’s actually just a straight shot if you remember we took the S curves out so things are a lot straighter and when you’re on the west bound lanes in Illinois and you’re looking here, it’ll guide you right through the arch and right through here because we’ll have the barriers set exactly where traffic needs to go,” Ryan said.

Sometime this winter two lanes on the iowa-span will be used for Illinois-bound traffic.

Until then, the old bridge will continued to be used as well.