A sample of the new lighting on the I-74 bridge between Moline and Bettendorf. Lighting will change starting tonight, July 22, and each night for 30 days.

Starting tonight, the already iconic I-74 bridge will boast rotating new lighting displays.

Contractors have installed all new lighting components and city staff in Moline and Bettendorf have been trained to create and operate the dramatic new lighting scenes, according to the I-74 River Bridge operators.

“We have no doubt you’ll be thrilled with the results!” says a recent e-mail. “Before we finish up, the project team will run through lighting scenes and colors to ensure barge captains can safely navigate the channel under the I-74 River Bridge.”

The new I-74 bridge fully opened to traffic last December, and the bike and pedestrian path opened in May.

Beginning July 22, between sunset and sunrise, the bridge will be lit up with different lighting scenes each night, for approximately 30 days. The U.S. Coast Guard will collect feedback from barge captains and the project team will review and adjust the lighting intensity, if necessary.

This is also a unique opportunity for the public to catch the lighting magic, according to the bridge e-mail.

“Whether you choose to drive over the bridge, walk the new bike and pedestrian path, or view the bridge from the riverfront, you’ll get a fantastic view of the gorgeous lighting on the I-74 River Bridge.”

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