Dr. Mary Kathleen Figaro of Bettendorf is seeking the open Iowa State Senate seat for Senate District 47, representing Bettendorf, Eldridge, and LeClaire, she announced Tuesday morning.

Figaro is a 51-year-old Democrat. There is no incumbent State Senator in this redrawn district.

“I feel called to run for State Senate because Iowans need a champion for families and public health,” she said in her announcement. “Throughout my career as a physician, I have prioritized being an advocate for patients and families who entrust me with their health. As State Senator, I will give my constituents the same care and attention I give my patients.

“Iowans deserve better health outcomes: we need more affordable care, more accessible care, and higher quality care,” Figaro said. “We can make our communities healthier by prioritizing our health – including mental health care – and that’s exactly what I will do in the State Senate.”

Mary Kathleen Figaro was born in Haiti to small business owners who immigrated to New Jersey, where she attended and learned the importance of great public schools, as well as the values of hard work and civic engagement, according to her bio. She graduated with high honors from Princeton University in 1992, then earned a medical degree from Yale University in 1996, and a master’s degree in epidemiology and health services research from Cornell University. 

Mary Kathleen Figaro, 51, is an endocrinologist.

Figaro performed research and taught at Vanderbilt University for a decade, where she met her husband Alan Rice, and had two wonderful children, Victoria and Jonathan. She and her family relocated to Bettendorf six years ago for the high-quality schools and to be closer to the family farm. Here, Figaro has built her own practice, seeing patients with hormone-related conditions as an endocrinologist.

Her medical practice is Heartland Endocrine Group, at 4620 E. 53rd Street, Suite #200, Davenport.

“Mary Kathleen is an excellent candidate for State Senate because of her medical background and her passion for health issues, patient’s needs, and rights of Iowans to access affordable care,” Jody K. Johnston-Mohr, part owner of Mohr Accounting, said in the Tuesday release. “Mary Kathleen is smart and does extensive research, and I trust her to listen to both sides of an issue and make an informed decision about how she votes in the Senate. That’s what we need in a State Senator – someone who will listen and respond to the needs of her constituents, not just vote along party lines.”

Figaro added: “I am fortunate to have achieved the American Dream, and I want every hardworking Iowan to be able to achieve their dreams as well. Every Iowan deserves a supportive family, great public schools, and access to the same economic opportunities that were available to me. We need strong, healthy families and strong, healthy communities. You can count on me to advocate for these values every day as your State Senator.”

Throughout her career, Figaro has cared for and advocated for patients and families who entrust her with their health. She aims to give her constituents the same care and attention as she gives her patients, her release said. “She is running for State Senate to champion public health and mental health, early child health screenings and care, and to improve social infrastructure.”

To learn more about Figaro’s campaign for State Senate, visit figaroforiowa.com