Mother Nature is continually discovering unique and innovative solutions and strategies that support life on Earth. To celebrate this concept, Mother Nature: Modern Muse is now open at the Putnam Museum and Science Center, a Smithsonian affiliate. 

“We love featuring the Putnam’s glorious collection and creating exhibits original to our museum,” Rachael Mullins, the Putnam’s president/CEO, said in a Wednesday release. “Our recent traveling exhibit Nature’s Blueprints inspired us to draw from our own collection to further explore the concept of biomimicry for this exhibit.”

While not all of Mother Nature’s solutions are elegant, many are truly amazing, the Putnam release says. Recognition of this has led to a growing trend in science and technology to look to nature in our search for innovative strategies, designs, and solutions.

The Putnam Museum & Science Center is at 1717 W. 12th St., Davenport.

“In science and technology, we tend to build upon what the previous generation has learned. Nature has had billions of years to come up with unique and innovative solutions and strategies that support life on Earth,” Putnam curator of natural science Christine Chandler said. “Why has it taken us so long to recognize what nature has to offer? It’s definitely time for us to sit up and take notice.”

The original museum exhibit includes examples from the Putnam’s collection, supplemental reading material, and an opportunity to try your hand at your own design.

Part of the new Mother Nature original exhibit at the Putnam Museum, Davenport.

Exhibit admission is included in the price of general admission—$9 for adults, $8 for youth (ages 3-18), seniors, college students and military. Through the Putnam’s Museums for All program, admission is $1 per person for households with the presentation of an EBT card. Admission is free for members.

For more information, visit For groups, or to plan your visit, call 563-324-1933.