A new proposed bill could lift dog breed bans in Iowa.

The bill would prohibit cities and counties from enforcing laws that block specific breeds or physical characteristics of a dog.

This bill is in the early stages of Des Moines. Three Iowa State representatives introduced the legislation to end breed bans in Iowa.

Representative Brian Meyes said this bill will get rid of stigma.

“The reason we introduced this bill was because we believe that we need to get rid of the stigma that’s attached to some breeds of dogs,” said Meyer. “Simply banning dogs because of their breed, we think, is outdated and a stigma.”

Preston Moore, director of the Iowa State Humane Society, said breed bans have an economic impact.

“There was a recent study done in Overland Park, Kansas,” he said. “That community in just over 10 years spent more than $800,000 enforcing a breed ban. And in that same time it’s estimated that the breed ban cost that community $8.5 million,” said Moore.