Illinois governor JB Pritzker visited Black Hawk College in Moline to discuss the state’s commitment to higher education. With the help of Illinois Map grants and Pell grants, he says many students can leave college in Illinois debt free.

“With the state providing a record $750 million in university and community college scholarships next year, a student can pair a Map grant with a Pell grant and pay their tuition in full. Students can now get a college education in Illinois without being strapped with debt the rest of their lives.”

Lauren Rogan, a student at Black Hawk, is one of the students benefitting from this new funding. “During the first two months of school, I was working a full time job as well as going to school full time. I received a Map grant and I was able to take a part time job at the school and focus on my studies.”

The new state budget earmarks $100 million for new Map grant funding.