New tech in Rock Island aims to protect drivers and pedestrians

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The city of Rock Island is installing new technology that aims to keep traffic and pedestrians safe.

GridSmart is the first of its kind in the Quad Cities. It is located on 15th street and 3rd avenue. It’s a camera that collects and detects traffic data
This project was approved last month by the Rock Island Public Works Department due to increase in bridge traffic.
The camera will provide the city with traffic data as well as insights on their foot traffic on that intersection. The fisheye camera will replace detection loops,which are censors located on the ground.
The city of Rock Island have deemed detection loops unusable. In all, the project costs $18,000 dollars. Because the intersection is on a state route, the Illinois Department of Transportation will be paying half.
GridSmart is said to be more accurate in detecting traffic.

Engineer, Christopher Robson, says it not only benefits the city but the community, too. “Allowing the cities and stuff to keep track of the amount of pedestrians and the amount of bicyclists going through their intersection is definitely going to make it more aware so they can make things safer.” He adds,” so maybe they need to add bike lanes or special pedestrian crossings, that kind of thing. “

The new traffic detector is up and running. It’s still advised to look both ways when crossing the street.

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