Juvenile crime in our area has community leaders taking action creating a Youth Assessment Program.

It’s a partnership among the cities of Davenport and Bettendorf, the Scott County government, United Way and Family Resources.

“The YAP is a judgment-free, safe and caring access point to physical, mental and behavioral services for children from birth to adulthood,” said Nicole Cisne Durbin, president and CEO of Family Resources.

Community leaders put together this program to help keep kids out of trouble.

“This comprehensive, holistic care initiative will focus on creating uplifting opportunities, early intervention to avoid crisis and empower kids with a broader awareness of their options to create a safe, happy and successful life for themself,” said Rene Gellerman, president and CEO of United Way.

The resources will be available for all Scott County families.

Community leaders know it will take time for the number of juvenile crimes to decrease.

“This is not a silver bullet or an overnight solution, but we can and must celebrate the small and big wins along the way,” said Gellerman.

The John Deere Foundation is donating $500,000 to support the YAP.

Program members budgeted $270,000 for the first year and estimate they will serve around 300 families.

Family Resources is currently working on hiring people for the program. They will start taking referrals after Labor Day.

More information about the Youth Assessment Program can be found here.