Niabi Zoo introduces three fennec fox kits

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Niabi Zoo is introducing three fennec fox kits that were born earlier this year at the zoo.

The proud parents, 4-year-old male Jelani and 10-year-old female Pika, welcomed their new litter on February 4. The two were successful parents last year, as well.

The three kits are all males and will be an important addition to the breeding population in North America. Naibi Zoo partners with more than 40 other zoos in the U.S. and Canada to manage the breeding of the fennec foxes.

“This cooperative breeding program helps not only assure that these beautiful animals will be here for zoo visitors to be inspired by,” said zoo director, Lee Jackson. “This is the second litter of Fennec foxes born here at Niabi, and they will be placed in homes at other zoos in coming months. We are excited to be able to make a significant contribution to the program. We look forward to continued success with this species.”

Fennec foxes are the smallest of all fox species and are native to the Sahara and Sinai deserts of North Africa. They are known for their large ears that help in both hunting underground prey and dissipating heat from their bodies in the harsh desert environment. Their diet consists of small mammals and reptiles.

Niabi Zoo is open seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tickets must be purchased in advance on the Niabi Zoo website.

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