Good morning!  As you head out the door, temps will be cool as you head out the door but we will warm up into the lower 80’s this afternoon with sunny skies. Tonight we have the potential to see the northern lights with a mostly clear night! The sun produced multiple coronal mass ejections (CMEs) and those are heading toward the Earth right now. It now looks to peak at G3 levels which translates to the possibility of seeing the aurora around the Quad Cities.

The best chance would be away from city lights and on the North side of the Quad Cities.

Look toward the horizon and it’s possible we see a faint glow of green or red light produced as the sun’s flare arrives in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Tomorrow will feature another sunny with some scattered clouds during the afternoon. Rain chances return on Friday with a better chance on Saturday. Temps over the weekend will be in the mid 70’s.