Nonprofit aims to help local shelter end homelessness for 10 people

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A nonprofit organization is helping a local shelter in the fight to end homelessness through charitable donations.

The Ryan Foundation of Omaha will match dollar for dollar the $100,000 Transformation Grant that Humility Homes & Services was awarded by the Quad Cities Community Foundation, says a news release.

This award will allow the shelter to launch and fund their Supportive Housing Pilot Project for three years, housing 10 individuals from the community experiencing chronic homelessness and a history of arrests, as well as people who have needed emergency treatment for a behavioral health disorder.

The shelter says they will “be able to provide supportive housing to these 10 individuals in an effort to reduce hospitalizations and emergency department usage, reduce criminal justice interactions among persons with histories of law enforcement involvement, improve health and mental health for these individuals and eliminate the need for emergency shelter — even among tenants with long histories of homelessness and the most severe, psychiatric substance abuse and health challenges.”

Ryan Bobst, Strategic Initiatives and Grants Manager for Humility Homes & Services, says the grant allows the shelter to house some of the most vulnerable people in the community.

“Providing supportive housing will ensure these individuals have the stability they need and remove barriers to permanent housing, said Bobst. “Between all our programming, Humility Homes & Services serves close to 1,400 participants annually. These 10 individuals were frequently in and out of our shelter and winter shelter.”

According to the Corporation for Supportive Housing, these individuals would cost non-housing systems like emergency shelters, hospitals and jails nearly $1.8 million over three years — whereas
the $200,000 investment for supportive housing would stably house these same individuals for three years.

“This is better for the individuals and for the other systems to make room for those who need those community services,” said Bobst.

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