Tapestry Farms works with refugees who resettle in the Quad Cities area. The group works to eliminate barriers refugees face with housing, education, healthcare, jobs, food, and transportation. Tapestry Farms is joining forces with Humble Dwellings, another nonprofit organization that renovates and restores living spaces.

Tapestry Farms Executive Director and Founder Ann McGlynn discussed how they plan to use the new building – a historic stone and brick building on the Annie Wittenmyer campus in the 2800 block of Eastern Avenue, Davenport – and how both organizations working together will make their mission easier.

“So we’ll have offices…conference room…we’ll have a space to store donations and so we’ll have a space to put all of those things. The space is going to be a very flexible space. It won’t be a traditional office space. But it will be a place where we can gather when we need to.”

She says what makes the building and the campus so special is the history.

“This entire campus is historic. So one of the best parts about being on this campus is it used to be a working farm. We have a couple of garden plots here on the campus, and it’s been so fun because they grow really, really well. We think it’s because the soil is so good here. So we barely have to do anything to get things to grow here. “

The previous owner of the campus used to provide living space for children who did not have access to a good home. Also, the campus used to be a place where the previous owners could grow crops, and provide food to the community – all very similar to what Tapestry Farms does today.

The nonprofit organization is currently accepting donations for the new space. For details about donations, visit here.