New projects are planned for the North Scott Community School District.

The district intends to spend $40 million on various projects, including some new buildings and renovations. Superintendent Joe Stutting says they’re looking out for future generations.

“We’re always looking at how do we position ourselves 10, 15 years from now. You want to be a district in which we continue to increase our offerings to students. We want to be a place where people choose to work, live and learn,” said Stutting.

Expanding elementary school buildings is one of the district’s top priorities.

“We have a couple elementary schools that we’re going to be doing additions to, really adding multipurpose rooms, so we separate out our gymnasiums from our cafeterias,” said Stutting.

The district is also working closely with a local college to help students succeed after graduation.

“Our big project is the regional center that is a facility that Eastern Iowa (Community College) in our district will build together that will offer career pathways to not only our school district but our neighboring school districts,” said Stutting.

These projects will be divided into two phases.

“Our plan is $20 million from a general bond election Sept. 13. We’re in the process of analyzing that out – what would it cost the taxpayers or not cost the taxpayers – as an increase. So we will have more of that information as the summer goes on. And then another $20 million worth of bonds would come from our 1-cent sales tax called SAVE,” said Stutting.

That stands for Secure an Advanced Vision for Education, a 1-cent sales tax for schools to pay for infrastructure and technology projects.  

The district will have a presentation about the proposed projects before the election, he said.