Some parents in the North Scott School District want answers after students received a survey talking about race, religion and privilege. Some say it went too far.

Some North Scott High School students received the Oatmeal Trigger List. It asked students to rank the topics based on how they affected them emotionally.

Junior High School students participated in the Privilege Walk. They read different sentences and students added or subtracted a tally depending on how it affected them.

Parents were able to share their thoughts, feelings and concerns at the school board meeting Monday night.

Neal Keppy is a father to four North Scott students. He wants to be notified going forward if topics like this are going to be brought up in school.

“I just would like, as a parent, to know if that kind of curriculum is being taught so that we can, as parents and a community, come together and have a dialogue as to whether that’s appropriate or not, and maybe it is, but we need to have that dialogue,” he said.