Heads up for everyone around the Quad Cities! There’s a chance we could see the Northern Lights this week!

The sun produced multiple coronal mass ejections (CMEs) and those are heading toward the Earth right now. A G3 geomagnetic storm watch has been issued for later this week. Initially this was predicted to be a G2 storm, but it now looks to peak at G3 levels which translates to the possibility of seeing the aurora around the Quad Cities.

Something else we have going for us, skies should be clear!

The aurora (Northern Lights) could be visible in places as far South as Iowa and Illinois Wednesday night.

The best chance would be away from city lights and on the North side of the Quad Cities.

Look toward the horizon and it’s possible we see a faint glow of green or red light produced as the sun’s flare arrives in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Check back here for more details over the next 24 hours1

Here’s a forecast showing the possibility – courtesy of the Geophysical Institute at the U. of Alaska Fairbanks.

Look a the far South green line on the map…