Officer Dallas prepares to retire as he’s honored as National Officer of the Year

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Another well-deserved honor for a Dixon Police Officer.

Officer Mark Dallas received the 2018 National Officer of the Year award Thursday in Dixon.

It’s presented through the American Police Hall of Fame and Museum to recognize an officer showing extraordinary bravery and courage.

Officer Dallas was selected for his actions in May of 2018 to stop a shooting at Dixon High School.

“You just think about what you do for your job, and then you get recognized for doing your job. It baffles me sometimes. I always say I was just doing my job that day. That’s what I was paid to do. It’s very humbling and honorable,” said Officer Mark Dallas.

This is one of many accolades for Officer Mark Dallas for his actions in May of 2018 at Dixon High School.  

In fact, it’s not even the first time he’s been named an Officer of the Year. Previously by the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

It comes as it will be back to school for students at Dixon High School, but not roaming that halls this year will be one of the people they’ve come to call their hero as Officer Mark Dallas prepares to retire.

New School Resource Officer Chris Scott said, “Mark leaves some big shoes to fill.”

Those big shoes of Officer Dallas are seen again in Dixon as he is presented the National Officer of the Year award.

American Police Hall of Fame Chief Jack Rinchich said, “Office Dallas, I believe God had you at the right place at the right time, saying and doing the right thing to the right people.”

Officer Dallas said, “It’s like one of the cherries on top for a career. Would I thought of this 25 years ago that this is how I would be at the twilight, at the end of my career that I’d be getting this honor. I would have never thought that.”

Officer Dallas credits quick thinking and training keeping anyone from getting harmed, especially his son and young adults part of his life. 

Officer Dallas said, “Know many of them kids personally, from coaching to being friends with my children and being at my house and growing up.”

While a near-tragedy avoided that forever changed his life.

Officer Dallas said, “Grocery shopping and I go into the store and it takes me a little bit than normal because I get hugs and handshakes and congratulated.”

Officer Dallas said he’s ready for that next phase of his life, but he plans on drawing on that day from May 2018.

Officer Dallas said, “Talk about the May 16th and do presentations, and if I can teach or teach other law enforcement or help other law enforcement agencies or school districts, that’s what I liked to do in the future.”

As Officer Dallas says goodbye to working his high school, new School Resource Officer Chris Scott is ready to follow in his steps. 

Officer Scott said, “When you’re a police officer in the school, you’re not only a police officer, you’re a police officer,  you’re a counselor, you’re an educator.”

And Officer Scott said there’s a hero to help him along the way.

Officer Scott said, “Come in with me at times and see how I’m doing and check on me, and Mark will make sure I’m doing everything right and he’s going to be my big brother.”

Officer Scott’s first day of class will be on Monday when students return to Dixon High School.

As for Officer Dallas, there’s no firm date set for when he will retire, but he didn’t want to return as school resource officer this year only to leave in the middle of the school year.

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